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Getting The ‘Good’ Back In Chocolate

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For the past 200 years, health has taken a backseat to flavor in chocolate and cocoa products, giving us the indulgent end product we now most often think of as dessert. But The Good Chocolate Company has gone back to chocolate’s healthy roots with Lavle, the small, daily dark chocolate indulgence with big potential health benefits.

The key to chocolate’s potentially wide-ranging health benefits is the phenolic phytochemicals known as flavanols that are found in cocoa beans (along with some fruits and vegetables).


Scientific evidence of flavanols’ health benefits is mounting, with prospective benefits ranging from cardiovascular health to skin health, mood, cognition. These benefits largely stem from the compounds’ antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory (blood vessel dilation) effects.

The most substantial support to date has to do with their positive impact on cardiovascular health. Recent human clinical trials have shown that flavanols can help maintain elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn improves blood flow and circulation of nutrients throughout the body and to the brain.

The magic number? 200mg consumed each day. Still, not all chocolates—even dark chocolates—can guarantee that they contain enough flavanols to generate positive health outcomes.

For one, the presence of cocoa flavanols can vary depending on the origin of the beans. Moreover, many conventional processed chocolates and cocoa products, but they also undergo such intensive processing techniques as dutching (treating chocolate with an alkalizing agent to modify its color and give it a milder flavor), roasting at high temperatures and long fermentation times, which improve taste at the expense of maintaining active flavanols.


Lavle is the only finished chocolate or cocoa product on the market that gives consumers their daily 200mg fix in a single 10g portion. It sources only the highest flavanol-percentage cocoa bean varieties. But more importantly, its mild post-harvest treatments preserve the beans’ naturally present health components.

Rich and velvety, with a deep, roasted cocoa flavor rounded out by a subtle sweetness, Lavle preserves both what’s indulgent and truly “good” about chocolate in a bite-size portion


lavle_boxWhere to buy

You can visit The Good Chocolate LAVLE online store here: Lavlé

Lavlé currently ship to all of Europe and the USA – for other locations please send us an email.

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