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Semi-Private Personal Training


Our Semi Private Personal Training Packages Gives You All The Benefits Of Private Personal Training But At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Training with a group of friends  or a workout buddy can be a crucial motivator for many people and with the bonus of social interaction and support of others has lead to Small Group Personal Training and Semi-Private Personal Training becoming a popular choice for many.

The group may be made up of a group of friends, work colleagues,  or even other women with similar training goals or interests.  When you know that someone else is depending on you to workout with them you do not want to let them down. This will motivate you to plan your exercise schedule and stick to your planned Group Personal Training workout appointments. Together you can stay motivated through the most challenging exercise plans. Your workout buddy or buddies can be someone who you can also turn to when you need advise a sympathetic ear i.e. When you feel  guilty about eating a doughnut or when you skip a day of working out, or are generally lacking motivation. Small group Personal Training is a unique way for people to benefit from the quality of service of Personal Training but in a small group setting.


Benefits of Semi-Private Personal Training: There are many benefits and advantages in Group Personal Training such as cost effective for individuals, boosts motivation, Fun interaction between participants, gained confidence, Effective moral / team building, Brings together women with a similar goals, Maintains quality and effective training delivered by a Professional Coach.

Semi-Private Personal Training is very Effective. It creates a support network for you to help encourage, motivate and inspire each other to achieving your goals team building

The Semi-Private Personal Training sessions are limited to only 4 participants in each group. This allows the Personal Trainer to give the maximum amount of personal attention to each member. This enables us to provide a unique tailored service to you, which in turn will allow you to reach your ultimate goal.


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