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Hollywood Style Eyebrows

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Welcome to my  first posting in the Beauty-Glamour Zone. Every month I will be bringing you an amazing article on the latest happenings in the Beauty-Glamour world.  Sharing my expertise and  knowledge  with you all.  If there is anything you would like to discuss or maybe there is a product or treatment/ therapy that you think is  amazing and want to share with the rest of  ladies – then please feel free to do so in the reply/ contact form below.  I would love for you to share with us all.. Sharing is Caring!  :)


Today we are reviewing a Eye-Brow  defining-shaping product by Smashbox – Brow Tech Trio –  Featured on The Cosmedic Coach


 Smashbox – Brow Tech Trio 

My passion is all things Beauty, Health and Fitness.  I really do enjoy experimenting with new products.  One of my favourite must have beauty products at the moment is a brow product called Brow Tech Trio by Smashbox.  The Brow Tech Trio by Smashbox gives you very natural stylish looking brows.  This product is excellent, the best brow product I have ever used! I would recommend this product highly to all.


The Brow Tech Trio contains 2 shades of hair- colour coordinated powders and a colourless Brow Tech Wax.  Application is

simple. Firstly fill in the fuller part of the brow with the slightly lighter shade powder and then define the brow with a darker coloured powder.  Application is achieved by using an Angle Brow brush. I use the Angle brush by Smashbox.

After applying the coloured power you then complete the look by using the Brow tech wax to define and subtly groom the brows in the shape you want. This amazing wax helps to keep the brows in place all day. I really like this brow product because you do not need to reapply all day and very easy to remove at the end of the day.

This product is extremely kind to your brows and does not leave brows feeling heavy or sticky.  

My three teenage daughters  also love this product.The Brow Tech Trio is available in a choice of colours to match all brow colours from blond, fair haired to brunette and dark.If you want to achieve Hollywood brows then this is a must have product!



Brow Tech Trio  £17.99

Angle Brow Brush £16.00

-For uk orders-


I hope you found this  review interesting.  If you do decide to purchase and try the product please let me know what your thoughts are.  I would love to hear your feedback here.  You are very welcome to  contact me on the form  below  :)


Love &  Happiness

Dal x


Featured on The Cosmedic Coach 

 The Cosmedic Coach





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