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My 8 Rules…

Posted by on June 15th, 2013 with 0 Comments

My 8 Rules that stay fixed in my head at all times – In business & Life.  I have lots more but these are just a few I wanted to share with you today…


(1) Accept not everyone wants to see YOU be successful.

(2) Don’t be distracted by criticism.

(3) Learn to embrace risk. Believe in YOURSELF.

(4) Learn from and surround yourself with people who are where YOU want to be.

(5) Invest in Coaching and Training from the best in the Industry.

(6) Do not talk ‘bad’ of your competitors. It’s not smart and unprofessional.

(7) Change your mindset: Stay out of Fear and stay in faith.

(8) Always stay humble and real. Stay true to yourself! 



Yours in Health & Fitness

Dal xx 


P.S. I hope you found this blog useful & interesting. I would love to hear your feedback –  please drop me a message on the reply – comment form below. Or if you have any other questions you are welcome to email  me below! :) 


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