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Water The Natural Remedy.

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Are you drinking enough water?

Water is essential nutrient to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a good balance within your body tissues. If you are trying to lose weight then water is very important.  It helps to boost your metabolism and also helps to keep you fuller and has many other health benefits. However, many people fail to drink enough water.

Here are some health benefits of water:

Water for weight Loss 

Water promotes weight Loss. It removes toxics and by-products of fat, reduces binging and eating intake. Drink a glass of water between meals to keep your stomach full. Water can be seen as a natural appetite suppressant. Not only does water raise your metabolism it also has zero calories! Replace your calorie – sugary laden beverages with water.

Water 1Stay regular with water

Water benefits the body by promoting and aiding in good digestion. This along with fibre intake is essential for correct digestion. It does this by assisting to dissolve waste and toxin particles – enabling them to pass smoothly through the digestive tract. Therefore water consumption is essential for healthy bowel motion and to prevent constipation.

Water boosts your energy

Water increases energy and helps to relieve fatigue. It helps to transport oxygen and essential nutrients to your cells in the body – keeping your energy levels boosted. Feeling fatigued can be a sign of dehydration. 85% of your brain tissue is water and therefore water intake is essential to improve concentration, alertness, focus and general wellbeing.

Water reduces kidney stones

Water will help to eliminate and flush out toxins. It does this by diluting the salts and minerals that form solid crystal type formations known as kidney stones. Therefore it is essential to drink plenty of water to reduce the risk of Kidney stones and Urinary Tract Infections.

Healthy Skin

Water helps to nourish your skin. Dehydrated skin can be more prone to fine lines and deeper wrinkles.  Water helps to plump up the skin cells – which helps your face to look younger. Drinking water can improve circulation, leaving your face clear, clean and glowing – and improves the skin complexion. It is Mother Nature’s best skin product and best anti-aging treatment around!

Water boosts the Immune System

Drinking plenty of water can help fight against flu and illness. It is also a natural remedy to relieve and prevent headaches which can often be caused by dehydration.


More Tips

  • Generally, nutritionists recommend as a guideline to drink at least eight 8 – ounce glasses a day. You may need more water if you exercise or sweat heavily or if the climate/ environment is hot.
  • When you are low on fluids – and dehydrated, the brain triggers the body’s thirst mechanism. Sometimes this can get confused with hunger. So stop and think are you hungry or thirsty? More than often your body will require water.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. These contain high water content and will add to your hydration. Approximately 20% of our fluid – water intake comes from foods.
  • Get in the habit of carrying water with you when possible – in your car, in your bag, at your desk etc.



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