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Back to basics – feel great with filtered water – Guest Blog by Sophie Pope

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Our bodies are made up of around 60% water, so the amount and quality of what we drink is of utmost importance to our general health. Many of us think that tap water does the job just fine, but do you know what it really contains?
In the UK, our tap water is processed with chemicals to kill bacteria before it reaches our homes. The most well-known of these is chlorine, and you might taste it in your water at home. Alone, chlorine is a yellow poisonous gas, with a harsh corrosive effect on organic matter. It is widely thought to be able to destroy vitamin E and intestinal gut flora that help the body digest food. Although the quantities of chlorine found in UK water are minimal, the effects of continuous consumption are still not fully understood.
The water companies do everything they can to make the water that comes through our taps safe to drink. However, depending on the age and location of your house, the pipes that your tap water runs through could be over 100 years old. The use of iron pipe work for mains water supplies means that traces of rust and lead can be common in our drinking water.
In some parts of the UK, fluoride is added to tap water due to the belief that ingesting it helps prevent dental problems. However, as beneficial as this may be for oral health, some studies have shown that fluoride has a tendency to accumulate in the human body. It’s hard to control the dosage, as some people drink more water than others, so it’s difficult to determine its long-term effects on our health.
Some of these chemicals found in unfiltered water can also be irritants for people who suffer from asthma, skin conditions and multiple chemical sensitivity.

How filtered water can make you feel purer from within

Drink-Water-All-DayA water filter, depending on its specification, will remove some or all of the unwanted chemicals. The purer the water, the less work your liver needs to do to remove toxins, meaning that it can carry on converting fat into energy as you exercise.

Most people know the importance of drinking water to stave off hunger pangs, but the chlorinated taste of tap water can often put people off getting their recommended 8 glasses a day. Filtered water tastes cleaner and purer than the tap variety, meaning that you don’t need to add sugary squash or flavouring to enjoy its natural taste. It can also enhance the taste of tea, coffee and herbal drinks.
With Kind Thanks to Sophie Pope
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