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Protein – Time To Share The Secret – Guest Blog By Lisa Chothia

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I’d like to share a little secret with you all if I may, it’s a secret because it seems not many people really know about it…thing is with this secret I want you to share it with everyone you know, shout it from the rooftops, tell your friends, parents, children.… ready? Here it is… Protein can be found in vegetables, nuts and grains!

Phew are you OK?! I know I guess that was a bit of a shock, should have warned you to be sitting down… Or did you know already?

Yes I’m being quite extreme here but from the people I’ve come across the majority don’t realise that they can get this essential part of our diet from anywhere but animal sources so meat, poultry, fish and dairy.
Why is protein so essential, well the short version is protein is DNA and DNA equals our cells and put a lot of cells together and that mass of cells becomes a human being… or bean depending where the protein came from! OK OK I’ll quit the vegetable jokes.
Ah so you knew that there was protein in vegetables but it’s just better from animal sources? Here I beg to differ again. For protein to be deemed as ‘good’ it is judged on it’s amino acid score which basically tells us if it possesses all the essential DNA building blocks we (as humans) need to consume to create our cells and yes animal protein is an easy source of a high amino acid score, however as with most things in life just because it’s ‘easy’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. You see vegetables, grains and nuts can give you the ‘good’ amino acid score as well, you just have to mix them up and guess what when you mix them up you also get the added benefit of lots of other vitamins, minerals and fibre which we also need to consume as part of the fuel we need to function optimally.
I find it’s interesting that at some point in food history somehow they already seem to have worked this out; e.g. the Jamaican ‘rice and peas’, Mexican ‘tortilla with refried beans’ both have a good amino acid score and yes we sometimes get it right with our British ‘beans on toast’.. I’ll even allow you a thin covering of butter on your wholegrain toast if it makes it more palatable. Yes I did say butter as I have a ‘thing’ about real food and good fats.. but that’s probably a different blog entry…
Hemp SeedsThe other benefit to plant based sources of protein is that it helps the body to alkalise, in fact Hemp (a seed) is one of the best sources of protein as it is alkalizing, packed full of nutrients, and is grown from the most sustainable methods, making it arguably the best resource.
Why do we need to alkalise? Disease lives in an acid state and all the stress, pollution, coffee, meat, alcohol, medicines that we consume and are subjected to every day moves us towards an acidic state so anything we can do to move the balance back towards alkali is a winner in my book.
So please go out and share this knowledge that you don’t have to have animal protein at every meal you can indeed enjoy a rich and varied stable of food stuffs that will give you and your body all it needs to regenerate and grow. Get creative, challenge your inner Chef! and above all else…. chew your food and drink water!


With kind thanks to Lisa Chothia

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