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I have worked with Dal for 9 months. I began with Dal at a point in my life where I had reached rock bottom with how I gelt about my body and health.  I was encouraged to see that Dal specialised in women and in particular weight loss. I had tried a number of things through the years but nothing that worked so I would revert back to old habits.

I began with Dal as a beginner in terms of exercise and my knowledge of clean eating. Dal set a nutrition plan for me as well as an exercise schedule. When i began it was incredibly difficult but Dal worked with me to change my mind set.I trained with Dal two times a week and each session I had with her was challenging but different which made them interesting and fun.

Geeta Transformation
The results so far have been incredible as I have lost over 5 stone over the 9 months. Weight loss was my one and only goal which Dal has helped me to achieve (although there is still more weight loss to go). However what is more crucial is that Dal has helped me learn about how to exercise and how to eat a clean diet.

The lessons i have learnt will stay with me for life. I needed a trainer like Dal at that point in my life 9 months ago and I am well on my way to achieving my ideal weight – Geeta Parasha 

Since the recording of this video Geeta has lost more weight – A total of over 11 stone! (photo above)


I met Dal in February of 2009 after enquiring about personal training sessions at my gym. I had trainers in the past but never managed to sustain the motivation for my sessions for longer than a few months. I trained with Dal for 8 months and managed to lose over 2 and a half stone. My fitness, body image and overall health drastically improved. My sessions although tough, were made fun so I never felt as if I couldn’t cope. She kept me motivated with texts and voicemails even when I was not scheduled for sessions with her. She always made me feel as if I could do it even when I didn’t want to do it – Dr Sotonye Dublin


I have worked with Dal as my personal trainer for the last 3 years on a regular basis, she has been really supportive of the goals I wanted to achieve and she takes an interest in her clients. She has also had a flexible approach to the sessions, and accommodated the limitations due to injuries. I have achieved my goals and felt motivated to keep working out. Thanks Dal for your help and support – Sharon Brookes


If you haven’t discovered her…you won’t know what you are missing. Dal has given me back the fun, confidence and belief that training can be part of your everyday life. I started training with Dal in Jan 2013, after feeling  low for a few months from 2012 that crept into 2013…but I was keen to turn around my look and feelings..

Dal has not only got the passion and drive to help you but also a fantastic state of the art facility that will cater for your every need. It’s been three months now and I feel on top of the world again and ready to face life’s trials and tribulations…with a stronger, leaner body and a fresh outlook on life. Don’t take my word for it – give it a go. Thanks Dal for all your support and inspiration! – Gurjit Sandhu


Working out with Dal is fun and focused. I like the way she centres my programmes to meet my goals and motivates me to work to achieve the outcomes that I want. Her programmes are very measured – time to “go for it” and “time to relax”. Her whole approach is gently stimulating, she has the inspiration needed to make me realise the fitness I want to achieve. Dal is fun to work out with and keeps my eye on the ball. She gives positive prompts to encourage me on my fitness journey – Susan Ridgeway


Dal is a really good Personal Trainer. I wanted to lose 2 stone and get a better body shape and improve my fitness levels. Thanks to Dal she kept me motivated with a variety of training methods which included diverse exercises in the gym and home programmes .

I never felt bored and I always enjoy myself and never felt like giving up. I feel so much better now I have lost weight and inches. I love exercising now and don’t see it as boring anymore – Claire Menard


I’ve been training with Dal for almost 2 years now and during this time she has alternately motivated and enthused me into losing almost 2 stone. My personal training has always been tailored to my needs, moving from general raising of my fitness at the beginning , through to strength and further fitness. Although I have back problems, Dal has always taken this into consideration and made sure that the exercises she put into my personal programme, challenged my fitness but did no damage. My general shape has toned up, and my fitness has increased. Training with Dal is always fun and the results, for me speak for themselves – Sue Wookey 


It is such a great workout with Dal, she is a great motivator and makes you believe that anything is possible. Dal varies the workout ensuring that you attain the goals that you have set. It’s fun and she is such a people person – Jayne H Bhirse


As a regular gym goer, I’d got into a bit of a rut. Over ten or more years I’d always gone three times a week but did mainly cardio work and weight machines. As I was getting married, I thought I would benefit from some personal training. Dal made me think in a very different way about the time I spent in the gym with less cardio work and using lots of different equipment. She changed my programme every couple of months which has kept me interested and committed – as well as ensuring my body never got used to a routine. I enjoy going to the gym more, the time is spent more effectively and I have a completely different body shape to when I started – C. Salmons                                            

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