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9 Steps to Self Magnificence – Guest Blog by Liz Keaney

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Self Magnificence begins with Self-Respect and Self-Worth;  how you nurture your body, feed your mind and connect with the truth of who you really are.


(1) Start being kinder to yourself

Swap convenience foods and processed grains such as white bread, packet cereals and white pasta for wholemeal varieties and include more high energy foods such as brown rice, vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts and seeds in your meals.   Count how many times you chew food before you swallow.  Food eaten too quickly can be the cause of digestive discomfort  making you sluggish, zapping  your energy. Chew at least 10 times before you swallow.

(2) Lose attachment to Good and Bad

Do you refer to some foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’?  If you maintain beliefs about ‘bad’ foods you’ll unwittingly put yourself in a place of emotional torture about food.  Remind yourself no food is either good or bad; it’s just that some foods are better.

(3) Get out red lipstick; not just for your lips!

Pay attention to your inner critic that sabotages your self-worth – if you let it!  When you catch yourself criticising or doubting yourself, take an imaginary red lipstick and draw a big red cross right through your thought and replace that belief with a more empowering one.

(4) Have a clear vision

In your mind’s eye, are you really clear about what you want to achieve in relation to wellness, body image, happiness, wealth or success?  Your subconscious mind plays a huge part in the end result so be very specific. Use affirmations, always in the present tense, to move you closer to your vision.

(5) Juggle less plates

Recognise if  saying ‘yes’ a bit too often is adding to the stress of your busy life. Start being more discerning with your time; give yourself permission to stop trying to please everyone.  It’s not selfish. If you are too busy to take care of yourself is a bit like saying that you don’t have time to stop for petrol – eventually something will run out on you.

(6) Be grateful

Write down at least three things to be grateful for every day, these might include your physical and emotional wellness as well as nature and possessions. Being mindful of gratitude radiates an empowering vibration that says ‘I’m worthy’.  Your vibration will help attract more magnificent things in your life.

(7) Don’t judge a book by its cover

There is a story behind every person. Think of this before you judge or label people. We all breathe same air, we are all connected. Embrace connection, embrace man and woman-kind.  Applaud uniqueness in others especially those that have the courage to stand out and be different.  Similarly, don’t change so that people will like you. Be yourself, remain the real you.  Live your life in accord with your values and the right people will love the real you.

(8) A special day

Make yourself feel special every day. Don’t hoard things or wait for special occasions – today is that day. Wear your special dress, shoes, jewellery. Use your best tableware.  Celebrate. Why? Because life is a precious gift. Stop hiding. Share the magnificence of who you are and help others do the same.

(9) What is your WHY?

Take a long hard think about what is really important to you?  Each time you have to make a decision ask yourself, ‘WHY? Is this in line with what I value in life?  The answers to your ‘why’ may not always make things easy, but trust that your life will start to flow more easily when you are aware of your values. Your WHY becomes key to living your life on purpose.

With Thanks To Liz keaney

Liz Keaney is an inspirational speaker, author and founder of the #Kindnesscode.

She helps busy women find their ‘Why and Worth’ to Step into the Magnificence of who they really are.       Twitter @lizkeaney


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