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Fran Checkley – Warwickshire’s Leading Pilates Expert

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 Fran Checkley – Warwickshire’s Leading Pilates Expert 

Fran has been teaching Pilates in and around Coventry and Warwickshire since 2003.  She trained with the Pilates Institute under Michael King.

Pilates hit the headlines a few years ago when Madonna credited the method with being responsible for her long, lean muscular look and then in 2011 Pippa Middleton attributed her fabulous behind to the method.

It has also become widely recognised as a great way to help improve ‘core strength’ and therefore help people with back problems.


Benefits of Pilates

  • Improved ‘core’ strength i.e. stronger back, tummy, hip and shoulder muscles

  • Improved pelvic floor strength – particularly useful for ladies pre and post childbirth or those experiencing stress incontinence

  • Improve your posture – Pilates works on shoulder and upper back strength – especially useful if you work in an office or do a lot of driving

  • Improve flexibility and mobility

  • Relax your mind

  • Learn how to breathe correctly


 “I truly believe that Pilates can help anyone as there are so many benefits to be gained from it however I do tend to teach a slightly gentler, more rehabilitative style of class so my sessions are particularly suitable for those with injuries, back problems or pelvic floor dysfunction. Each Pilates exercise has a modified version and many progressions so once you understand the principles of the technique you can work at your own level within the class. This means that even if you wish to progress through different levels you can still do so in my classesFran Checkley


With Kind Thanks To Fran Checkley


In this radio clip Fran shares what Pilates is and how it can benefit you! 

You can find out more about Fran  here

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