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Liz Keaney – Inspirational Speaker, Author & Lifestyle Coach to Women.

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Liz Keaney – Inspirational Speaker, Author & Lifestyle Coach to Women.

It is my great pleasure to be joined by someone who is so inspiring! Liz Keaney ~ ‘The Kindnesscode Warrior’  is an Inspirational Speaker, Author and Conscious Living Coach. Her Keynote  ‘Unlock your KindnessCODE for Health, Joy and Abundance’ is delivered with humour, sensitivity and great energy.

Whilst receiving the grim news that she had cancer for the 2nd time Liz Keaney had a light bulb moment. That moment took her on an empowering journey of discovery, learning all about self worth, self nurture and self connection.  She left her corporate job and unravelled a C O D E, a code she now refers to as the KindnessCODE. That was 8 years ago.  Today she enjoys amazing health and vitality and through her ‘Kindnesscode’ Keynote she

  • Awakens her audience to their passion and purpose, their ‘why’ and ‘worth’. 

  • Inspires people to see their lives with new perspective

  • Encourages Self Kindness; Self Nurture, Self Worth and Self Connection

  • Motivates the audience to step into the magnificent potential of who they really are. 


In this radio clip  Liz shares her personal story, insight on motivation, mindset and inspiration.

You can find out more about Liz here

Read Guest Blog by Liz here 

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